Great Management service. Staff is very helpful and supportive. Highly recommend. I am happy I choose MPI to manage my property!"
- Victor Acevedo - Owner

Very good service always and will continue to use as long a I own my house in West Allis, WI.
- Robert Cox - Owner

I have rented 3 different properties in the course of 12 years. I need to strongly emphasize that the tenant-landlord relationship we had was a good one. They were prompt with my maintenance issues and I was open minded to wait for when they were available (which was never long). Their properties I rented did not have roaches and were in good physical condition and if I wanted changes, they were granted to me. I will tell you how all of this was possible....I was respectful in communications, I took exceptional care of the properties so far as paying True Lawn Services. I paid my rent on time and in full for long stretches of time and when I did hit a money pit they would allow me the opportunity to catch up. So I'm gonna tell everyone that disgraded and belittled this company...YOU ARE WERE PROBLEM!!!
- Yolanda Blakely - Tenant

Offer nice homes and apartments.
- Priscilla Holmes- Tenant

MPI has done a reasonable job in servicing my needs. Maintenance could be a little cheaper, but overall they do a good job.
- Michael Matta - Owner