Rental Criteria

(These are our minimum criteria. Some owners may have more stringent criteria)

Any person 18 years old or over MUST complete an application.

Once a person is listed on an application that person cannot be removed.

A person whose application is denied may not reapply for 90-Days.

First Time Renters may only apply for 2 Bedroom Units, 1 Bedroom Units, Studios or Efficiencies.

Tenants whose rental history cannot be verified will be considered first time renters.

We allow 2 people maximum per bedroom, per HUD guidelines. There is no minimum number of people per bedroom.

We do not accept applicants with the following:

Under 18 years of age

Open Evictions

Eviction or Foreclosure Actions in the past year (even if dismissed)

Any Eviction or Foreclosure in the past 5 years

Tenants with an Eviction or Foreclosure older than 5 years require an acceptable landlord reference from a non-relative since the eviction.

Exception: Bank accepting a deed in lieu of foreclosure requires a 550 credit score.

Negative Landlord References

WE Energies bill over $1200

A past due amount owed to MPI

Owners reserve the right to have final approval on all applications.