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Eviction News (3-9-15)

System - Sunday, March 8, 2015

From Tim Ballering [WIRentalCoalition] .... From 1/1/14 to 2/28/15 there were 15,971 evictions in Milwaukee County > > 63 of these cases a judge sealed the case, hiding the defendant’s name.

We had a small claims, non eviction case, sealed last fall for no valid reason other than the defendant, who we got judgment against, had his attorney request it. Remember these are evictions, not DV or other sensitive crime cases.

There were 5276 plaintiffs total. But some were typographical differences as this was a machine parsed list. For example 123 abc llc is probably the same as 123abc llc or William & Mary Smyth is probably the same as William Smyth.

251 Plaintiffs had more than 10 cases each.

10074 cases were LLC, Corps, the City, or other company entities

5897 cases were properties owned by individuals, but that included some people with well more than twenty cases. > One guy had 101 cases.

2096 (of the 5897 cases by individuals) cases were individual plaintiffs that filed one eviction case in the past 14 months

My experience is the small owners who come to us for help haven’t filed until the tenant has owed many months of rent.

I am going to see if we can parse out additional information such as dollar amounts of eviction judgments, percent that use an attorney, percent that went to a move and anything else interesting I can find.