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DHLR Weatherization program repealed in Budget Bill

System - Sunday, February 12, 2017

Governor Scott Walker has submitted the biennial budget bill to the Wisconsin legislature. The bill reference is AB 64 and SB 30. As usual, it's a huge document -- over 900 pages.

One item of particular interest to rental property owners is the repeal of Wisconsin statute sec. 101.122, commonly known as the weatherization provision, which requires rental units to be certified as energy efficient when sold. I think this law has been around since the early 1980's and anyone who has bought or sold older rental property (built before about 1976) is familiar with the inspection and certification requirements.

Since most rental properties have likely been sold at some time in the last 30+ years it makes sense for this law to be repealed. However, you should note that repeal is prospective only, set to take effect 4 months after enactment. Until then, sales of rental property will continue to require a weatherization certification or the stipulation by the buyer to have the property weatherized within one year. Also, the old law will be enforced against properties which should have been weatherized per an existing stipulation.

If you buy or sell a property that has an existing certificate of compliance you won't have to dig this out and list the number on the real estate transfer return for transactions recorded after the repeal becomes effective.